bridging two vera units

this is a question regarding of bridging two vera units.

I have two vera connected in bridge mode, the main vera is a vera plus, the slave vera is a veralite, they work great for few days(i can see the device from the vera lite on the plus and i can control the devices) however sudenly the bridge connectio stop working. I can see the devices from the slaved vera (vera lite) on the master (vera plus)how ever the commands does not work.

any suggestions??

i am having issues getting them to connect in the bridge. How have you managed to do this ?



Hi guys,

This should help :

Good Evening John M.,

Can you provide any additional details beyond the link provided? I am not having success and am wondering WiFi must be enabled or if there are any other related settings which would impact the noted procedure for bridging? As the Plus (desired master) and the Edge (desired slave) are connected on the same LAN, and considering I was able to add the Edge via UPnP, I am thinking that WiFi is not missing link…and am hoping someone may help me identify what is that missing link. Fearing the solution is both painfully simple and obvious, though I have hit the wall…

Thanks In Advance,


Yes, please can you provide more information. What should apear when you scan for Upnp devices.? Should apear the the other veras name? Only my router and another device is showing but doesn’t seem to be the vera.