Caddx not working anymore

Hi Guys - been trying to get the Caddx plug-in working again. I ran cable from the alarm box and interfaced them with the logic board and out from the board through a serial to USB cable into a powered USB hub and then into my Vera Plus. It has been previously working and I was able to arm it from Vera with the plug-in.
Somehow it is not working anymore and I don’t know why. I have moved things around in the “server” closet but have checked all the connections and replugged them back in. The LEDs on the board blink but I cannot get the Caddx plug-in functioning anymore.
Is there any one who could give me a hand? I would be so grateful @futzle
Thank you in advance

I know nothing about your alarm system, but I would look at the port settings in Vera.

Go to Apps - Develop Apps - Serial Port configuration

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Thank you my friend. Changing the baud rate where you told me to go look did the trick.
Many thanks

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Nice one! Glad you got it sorted.

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