Cameras with facial recognition?


Is there any smart camera that can be used with Vera, that have facial recognition?

Pretty sure that’s there’s no cameras out there that have facial recognition. Interesting thought about making Vera capable or perhaps reading a decision from another system (trivially easy)


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The netatmo smart indoor camera claims to have facial recognition.
Their outdoor camera can also identify if objects are human, animal or cars.

Note: I have no personal experience from the cameras or any other association with netatmo. I use their weather station in vera so that is why I know about their products.


The Nest Hub Max has facial recognition. I doubt it would work with Vera though.

  1. Odd to want to integrate any cameras with current vera hardware. The vera CPUs are much too limited in power to handle both cameras and your zwave/zigbee. The OS is not designed to do that and any addition of camera streams/monitoring kills the poor thing. What are you seeking to do with the integration? Have a facial recognition trigger a scene for example?
  2. If you are looking for facial recognition, a number of Home Assistant projects allow this but it means that you have to run it on dedicated, much more powerful hardware. I am running one myself and gave all of my cameras facial recognition capability. It requires home assistant to pull a stream for each camera and monitor it and then send a trigger when a face is recognized. I can then use this to trigger scenes on vera/openluup… I run home assistant on a gen6 core i7 NAS but within a single thread VM. It’s not something the vera is anywhere close to be able to do.
  3. The nest example is doing the same thing by sending your stream to the cloud and let a cloud server do the recognition for you. This adds lag, security and reliability liabilities which I am not willing to compromise on… Especially not with google.

I think ESPcam project could also be used…

Sort of my point. Large amounts of CPU power required. So not done in camera (no pun intendted)


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