Can I add a wifi device to veraplus?

Is it possible to add wifi device like shelly 1 or shelly 2 or wifi switch or sonoff and control it with veraplus ? Need your experience in this case …

Am deciding to purchase wifi plug instead of zwave plug or zwave relay to control table lamp ?


I have both and strongly recommend against wifi regardless of vera control.
Even sonoff started making zigbee ones and most of my friends are replacing all their wifi ones as well.
Between the busyness it generates to your wifi network which is supposed to be high data bandwidth for your important stuff (streaming, downloads etc) which these plugs would interfere with, they also require an additional mobile app, an additional plugin on the vera and an API. They also use a token which is hidden in the mobile app and is very hard to get to in order for the plugin to work. Wifi for home automation is a bad idea across the board.

I agree wifi devices should be avoided whenever possible, but I had to use them in specific scenarios.

So, I developed a plugin to use them natively:

You can also find it in the mios app store.

I suggest to flash sonoff with tasmota, while shellies are already Ok (local api natively supported). If you want two way control, shellies have the ability to call a url when a button is pressed. Overall, a mqtt broker could give you total control and real time integration.

Thanks friend,

Can you please explain more how to use your app at mios ? What the app name in mois ? How to integrate it ? Is it compatible with shelly ? I have shelly 2.5, sorry if me bothering you but really am still novice about vera plus and its plugins

Thanks a lot

The files are available via MiOS App Store. Plug-in ID is 9281 if you want to install it manually.
Go to your Vera web interface, then Apps, Install Apps and search for “Virtual HTTP Light Devices (Switch, Dimmer, RGB)”. Click Details, then Install.

After you install it, create a new device (if not already created automatically) and then configure the parameters as suggested in the previous link. If you need help, feel free to post again.


if my device is flashed with tasmota…ur plugin should work with it right?

I have one cheap tuya switch…and thinking zbout getting some more

or better dont waste money and time?

Correct. It will call anything you want as far as it is reachable by http. I will not loose my time with something requiring a cloud. Look at shelly if you want something local.

Thank you therealdb for your valuable information, is your app can work with shelly 2.5 ?

yes. the plugin works with any HTTP-based device.

I am new to Vera. Coming from Domoticz which was difficult to integrate with Alexa and Google Home I bought myself a Vera Plus last week, linked it to my ethernet and installed existing and new Zigbee and Z-wave devices, which all went more or less smoothly. All ok so far! However I also have 4 powerplugs which I can power on/off with http cgi commands. I couldn’t find within Vera how to use these cgi commands so I was glad to see this discussion and solution. I have installed this plug-in and I used the default virtual http light. In Advanced/variables I entered the http cgi command for power on in SetPowerURL. In Advanced/New Service I entered a new variable SetPowerOffURL. No clue about value, I think I have inputted a 1.

I have a nice device in my Dashboard with on/off switch. However when I press ON nothing happens. Also nothing happens when I press OFF. The latter is not surprising as I don’t think I have entered the correct values. I have also tried without the leading http:// but nothing. The cgi command does work when I put this url in a browser. So can anyone explain if this can work anyway and if yes, what I need to do to have it working. Or point me in the right direction to have cgi commands in Vera. Many thanks! … Peter…



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