Can Reactor report a Variable as part of notify action (either through veraalerts, etc.)?

I have a condition which is true if either of 2 refrigerators uses more than normal watts (>300 for one fridge, >150 for another). What I’d ideally like to do is grab the actual wattage (perhaps through creating new variable and retrieving it?) or just simply grab that value as part of the alert action.

Fridge 1 uses 180 watts, triggers condition to be true, action = send alert “fridge 1 used {watts} just now”

The Reactor wiki entry for the Notify action enumerates those actions that support variable substitution:

Thanks Patrick! Sorry for not having dug into wiki before posting… :blush:

No worries! I’m trying to make that a more useful resource, so when I can point to it, I will. And please feel free to contribute to it, as well–corrections, clarifications, recommendations, recipes, etc.

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