Can we disable internet access (for security purposes)?

When we use WiFi it is automatically connected to the internet. This presents a security problem because people can access it. We have a separate network for IoT devices which we would like to use. Is this possible?

This is more of a home networking question than it is a vera question. There are many ways to do this: One of them is just by fireballing these devices you want to isolate from the internet. Another is to create an isolated VLAN and then a physical isolated LAN as you suggest. It is all your decision.

On the vera side, it is possible but difficult to completely make the vera work without internet access. I have a very long thread discussing my adventure doing it. Search for “off the grid”.

We were able to take Vera off the internet by giving it an invalid gateway IP address.

I need to ask … what is an invalid gateway IP address?
Which Vera? Edge, Plus, … Secure?
A Vera Secure will not even boot without internet connection. ( … “Secure”, what a joke).

Vera Edge - it is the reason I switched from Wink. It is documented as not requiring the internet and it doesn’t specify which version of Vera this applies to. Here is what the Q & A page has to say:

What if I don’t have Internet at home?

No problem , having an internet connection is optional. You can still set up and use Vera, even without an internet connection. Just connect your PC, Mac or other web browser into one of Vera’s network ports, or connect to Vera wirelessly. Vera’s built-in wireless comes pre-configured, so if you have a wireless / Wi-Fi device, you’ll automatically see the ‘Vera’ network and can connect to it. If you don’t have an internet connection, though, you won’t be able to access Vera remotely from outside the home, and you won’t see the helper videos on Vera’s setup pages.

I forgot to answer your question about invalid gateway IP address - I should just have said gateway address. It is an address that isn’t defined in our router and therefore will not allow someone nearby to use the controller to access our network. (I’m not an expert in this area but this is what I have been told.)