Can you no longer move a device into "no room"?

I have a few devices at the top of my dashboard that I don’t assign to rooms, that works well as they dont show up in imperihome and it keeps things organised the way I like (the generic stuff not in a room, everything else in rooms as needed).

You used to be able to move stuff from a room by saving it as “please choose a room” option from the menu. However after the latest update (which seems like a second tweak to the main one the other day) I find I can no longer save things under that option.

Vera tech the other day decided to move a device into a room in an attempt to show me how dashboard work because I’d reported a load of stuff going missing (I’ve only been using vera since day one so have an idea of how DB’s function!), now I can’t get the device out of where they put it back into my generic list.

It’s quite annoying when support decide to do things without asking permission first (I had opened the support link for my ticket, not for them to bugger about moving things around).

Go to the device attributes page (advanced/params) and set the room to 0.

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Have this often. Clear browser chache, reboot vera and gone…

Great thanks, just what I needed. Had not thought about doing it that way.

I noticed this today as well.

Had to set room to 0 instead of selecting “please choose a room” as usual.

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