Cannot logon to VeraMobile (IOS)


I have been using VeraMate for some time. Now I want to change to Vera Mobile, but I can’t logon to it. It claims that my username or password is wrong… I use the same credentials for remote logon remote to my VeraLite . Can somebody help?



Same issue here. I sent an email to support. So many issues happening lately.



ello, if your unit is running on UI5 the mobile app called “VeraMobile” won’t work as it’s a UI7 exclusive app. If you wish to use the App you will have to upgrade to UI7, if you want so, please email us with this request at, also, beforehand go to: Account -> Tech Support -> Enable and copy-paste into the email that string that will appear once enabled.

If you are already running on UI7, please send me a PM with your SN so we could check it and see what we can find.

I, out!

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Yes I am running UI5. I could have sworn that the VeraMobile did work with UI5 at some time in the past.
As far as I can see, I need the VeraMobile in order to use Alexa with my Vera, so I have sent the request ad explained.



I looked into your case Mr.sorenbs and it seems that your unit got upgraded to UI7 and it’s up and well.

Let us know through the email thread if there is anything else that we could assist you with.