Can't connect to the internet because it is offline

I got the Vera device on the internet but I can’t connect to the internet because it is offline.

I got the Vera device on the internet but I

I might suggest making sure that your Vera is assigned a fixed IP address on your home network. This is normally accomplished on your router (under “IP Reservations” or similar), or the Google WiFi app if using that router.

At least this nails it down to an unchanging address that will persist through many reboots and power outages, etc. Even though Vera is supposed to “call out” and check-in again with Mios servers, I could see there being a delay in its status going from “Offline” back to “Online.”

Just a thought.

I used the first option
I used to use WiFi in the days before but after every turn on and off or disconnecting the internet the service light and internet will turn on in flashing mode and the connection will be disconnected

I completely agree about preferring wired to wireless (I use the Google WiFi router, but have all my devices like Vera connected via Ethernet).

May I suggest using the 2nd option, whereby you choose a static IP address manually so that it remains assigned to Vera. This also minimizes the risk of another device on your network vying for the same IP address.

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Hi Eesa

Please log a ticket with our customer care team as well if you haven’t done so already. or by tapping on the I need help button in the header of this forum.

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