Can't log on yo my Vera


When trying to login to my Vera through I get “Incorrect username or password” although I am absolutely sure that I am using the correct credentials.

When trying to change the password, I get a message, telling that my email address is not known, which is incorrect since Vera is sending messages to that same email address.

Can someone out there help me.?



Which Vera and UI version are you using?

If you are using UI5( then you should login at

If you are running UI7( then you should login at:
or if you have issues

If none of these work for you, then you’ll need to contact technical support.



It worked. Thank you.
I am running UI5. What I don’t understand is that I have been using “” for a long time without any problems.



They updated the website and the change broke some/all UI5 logins at, so they put teh old site at

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Where did THIS come from all of a sudden?

Wow, wish I found this a few days back.