Can't pair device iAM Neo Coolcam wireless siren

Hello there,

I recently bought a Neo Electronics Z-Wave CO Limited Neo CoolCam – Siren Plus. I’ve been trying to pair by doing:
Devices -> Add Device -> Alarm -> “Dome Wireless Z-Wave Plus Siren” which looks exactly as on the pictures but it simply won’t pair with my Vera Lite.

I’ve also tried Devices -> Generic Z-Wave device and then press the button on the inside of the siren 3 times quickly such that the red light flashes 5 times but it isn’t getting paired.

Has anybody had any success with this? Thank you very much for your help in advance.

I don’t have this particular siren but have a number of other neocoolcam/dome devices and have had no problem pairing them. I found a bit tricky to wake them up with the 3 short button press. Too fast or too slow won’t work but it seems like you got the 5 x flashing light. The only thing I can think of is maybe try to exclude the device before reincluding it to make sure that it has not already been included in another network.

Thanks. I’ve tried to exclude it as well but no luck. It doesn’t seem to pair.

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