Can't remove Vera Concierge

Many threads on here dealing with trying to Vera Concierge to integrate, but mine is just the opposite. I want to remove it, and I can’t seem to get it to go completely away.

Right now, I have 15 Vera devices that are not in rooms and won’t go into rooms. And, if I try to unlink the “vera concierge smart home” from “linked services” in the Google Home app, i get an error.

Steps I’ve done:

Service is stopped on the Windows PC.
From the vera concierge server, I’ve unlinked the vera and logged out.
From I’ve also removed vera concierge from accessing.

However, when I go into the HOME app, go to “account” (the last icon on the right), settings, assistant, home control, hit the 3 vertical dots for “manage accounts”, I see two linked services in there (one is my Nest thermostats, and the other is Vera Concierge Smart Home). If I choose Vera Concierge SmartHome to unlink, the error is:

Couldn’t update the setting. Check your connection.

How can I make this go away?


Not sure if this would resolve the issue but go in to: Apps/Develop apps/edit startup Lua and delete Code: require(“ConciergeServer”)

No idea why that piece would result in what you are seeing but Vera sometimes acts in strange…strange ways.

edit: On second thought…this would make NO difference if you have your VC server off. There would be no way for vera to talk to Google.


Well, after many, many tries… and many, many hours… (I had not been in the app or made any further attempts since my initial posting earlier this morning).

I grabbed my phone a second ago, unlocked it, clicked on the “Home” app - which put me right into the “unlink your accounts” page (where I last left it). Chose unlink. And …voila, unlinked.


Some kind of timeout window must need to expire before it’ll actually let it go. (Or Richard did something on the backend).