Cant use "dofile" from `/etc/cmh-ludl/`

i want to use do file to run files form /etc/cmh-ludl/ but it wont work because every file is now encrypted with .lzo extension and you cannot read the raw file with dofile is ther a way to upload files without it being encrypted trought Develop apps?

AFAIK, the upload function will always encode. Any of the usual remote access methods like ssh, etc, will be fine. Or you can cut and paste into a string in Lua Test Code and write it to a file. Or mount a shared drive to Vera (or a USB.)

thanks dude

You’re welcome.

Yet another alternative would be to decode it using the pluto command, once you had uploaded it.

how would u use the pluto command??

pluto-lzo d input-filename output-filename

Can be used as a shell command. You could run this as a Lua command using os.execute()

Just a caution here: if you decompress a file, Vera will run the decompressed file in favor of the compressed file. If you later update files, it may be possible for a newer compressed file to coexist with an older uncompressed file, resulting in incorrect behavior of the application. So if decompressing the files in /etc/cmh-ludl or /etc/cmh-lu is something you do, be aware that this can happen and manage your files accordingly (removal of one file or the other followed by a reload usually straightens things out–unless you remove the wrong version).

ok cool its just some lua code to run the original file isnt really important