Challenging scenario to test power consumption with wait commands?

As a newbie here to Reactor can I please ask for some guidance? I am using a Vera Plus and I love the potential of this plugin.
I have a scenario where I have a dehumidifier plugged into an Aeotec Smartswitch 6 and I would like to monitor as to when the water reservoir is full. (the test I have found to establish this is that the dehumidifier goes into idle state where it is only consuming minimal power until the reservoir is emptied resetting the unit).
I have set up the smartswitch to turn on when the sun comes up and turn off when the sun goes down (therefore using solar PV power only). I also set-up a condition to check when it is on and goes into an idle state to send me an email telling me the reservoir is full, however I have learned that the dehumidifier cycles often during the day where it goes to an idle state and therefore my script gives a false positive.
I was thinking of writing a power usage (watts) expression testing if low watts (idling) and then comparing it a period of time later (maybe 30 mins) to see if it is still consuming a low wattage, however I can’t find how I can achieve this. My first guess is somehow to introduce a wait command.
Your advice and guidance is greatly appreciated.
Secondly, can scripts be tested in a sandpit type environment away from the real thing where variables can be thrown into the sandpit to test my scripts?
I have tried searching through many community posts, however I have not managed to find what I am looking for.

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I think all you need here is the “sustained for” option on a condition that tests the wattage (that is, condition “wattage < threshold value” with option “sustained for 30 minutes”)

Reactor Documentation: Condition Options

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Wow, just like that. Thank you very much rigpapa. :grinning:

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