Chamberlain/Liftmaster MyQ Plugin

Update: Found some information on another thread… although it is for the ecobee thermostat, Link here

Vera 3 is running firmware: Backfire (10.03)

Apparently, according to the thread and @rafale77 this firmware and openssl are too old to support the protocol tlsv1_2.

So, my guess is that a vera 3 and below, unless Mios releases an update, is out of luck on this one.

That is absolutely incorrect.

category_num is set to 32, garage door still looks like a door lock. Is there anything else I can try?

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@cybrmage, you are definitely the one who would know when it comes to this app so I’d love to see what I need to do to get this working on a Vera 3. I’d definitely rather be incorrect and get this working as opposed to being right. I’ve made the changes in the lua as others have, still not working.

I am attaching my Lua log from a complete restart in case I did not give enough information in the MyQ snip… {I’ve removed email/password in file}

Lualog from (230.4 KB)

Totally makes sense that if mios provided a newer openssl on their repo for the vera3, TLS V1_2 should work. My report on the ecobee plugin was based at the time on the official openWRT repo which did not have a newer openssl library compiled. I did not have a vera 3 and did not know the mios repo address. It is great that mios actually compiled and posted newer libraries.

@rafale77 Good to know that it dealt with a particular moment in time and not necessarily the hardware.

As far as the library being out there, I don’t know if it was meant for consumption or not. It’s not working any differently having it installed so… I’ve used a lot of different varieties of Linux but don’t often mess around with openwrt or others that generally are flashed in order to upgrade. That being said, it was a shot in the dark. I found that openwrt does have a package system, and using the command in putty:

opkg list

You end up with a list of all available packages in a text file. From there I did the install as noted above. It hasn’t helped but it does show installed.

To be honest, this library is quite old and is compiled, I am guessing from the C coded source. I have compiled and updated a lot of packages on my vera plus myself which ended up forcing me to modify some shell scripts on the vera due to syntax changes. I do not think this newer library should cause any problems and I would be surprised if they did not work.
Be careful with opkg: You have to know what repo source you are pulling from. By default, the vera should only have the mios source. Unless you changed/added the openWRT sources, you will not see them. I suspect mios did the compilation and posted the binaries and libraries on their repo as a package. Your problem is likely elsewhere if this is the case…

I just used the default mios repository as I didn’t want to get into compiling or installing something that wasn’t meant for Vera… this means there’s a problem somewhere else but no idea where else to look.

Following.@terrox category_num is set to 32, garage door still looks like a door lock. Is there anything else I can try?

I to am having the same thing happening. :slight_smile:

Well done - worked perfectly. :+1:

Did you reload Luup and hard refresh your browser?

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Yes. - reloaded via device>control>advanced>new service>reload engine.

Also rebooted device when it didn’t work initially.

Hello, guys!

So, according to this fix found by @lionelandjen we have made some configurations on the plugin itself and it shouldn’t be necessary to upload the file manually.

We just updated the plugin to version 2.2. We’re still waiting for the edit to be approved and you guys will be able to update it from the store. Please try and update the plugin (if you have not uploaded the file already) and check if it’s working.

If you guys have any issues, please let me know and we’ll try to fix it ASAP.

Thank you, @lionelandjen for this awesome fix!

Jonatan from eZLO.

VeraLite w/ latest firmware as of today. Tried a manual edit to move the security protocol from TLS/1.0 to TLS/1.2 and also tried updating the app from the Store. Didn’t work.

Enabled UI7 GDO Mode. Didn’t work.

Verified my username and password were correct (they were). Re-inputted my existing username and password into the MyQ Setup tab. At this point, it basically died with the message " MyQ Gateway : Please wait…Re-initializing myQ." being on the screen for an extended period of time.

I powered off the VeraLite, waited about 30 seconds and powered it back up. I gave it about ten minutes to boot up and “settle in.”

Absolutely nothing seems to work. Debug mode is off as is the Enhanced Status. It’s set to Chamberlain for the manufacturer (that’s the brand that I have).

Any thoughts?

Just curious but how long does it take for the store to show the updated version. Mine is still showing version 1.6 as being the latest

My pleasure. For once my security and compliance job comes in handy. :grin::+1:

myq plugin seems to be working for me this morning I have auto update on so I did nothing, I just got an email from my zwave hub saying it now sees my garage door, tested and it works, thanks to those who fixed it

Did some additional testing on my VeraLite…

From the command line, it seems that this firmware doesn’t include the openssl utility as it just says “not found” and a “find” from the root of the filesystem yields nothing.

Trying to connect to using curl and forcing TLS/1.2 seems to actually WORK, but it’s complaining about not being able to validate the certificate.

@sicilykill it should be available now. I apologize, it was released as Version 2.2.

Ok… MORE testing complete…

Tried removing the devices AND the app, restarted the controller, re-installed the app, does nothing and continues to say “initializing”.

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