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I just started trying to use Reactor and I don’t think I’m doing anything out of the ordinary. I will configure the sensor, saving my config in each section but when I go out to all my devices and then come back nothing has been saved. Am I missing a step? I have a Vera Plus running FW 1.7.4453

Make sure you have done a hard-refresh of your browser after creating any new device, ReactorSensors included.

I definitely did after I first created the ReactorSensors. A few things have been acting up lately in my setup so it might be something else entirely with the Vera itself.

Edit I just did another hard refresh and it wiped out the config again. I know I had done one before I started changing it. I’m using Firefox.

OK. Try applying the current hotfixes. There is a related issue in the JavaScript hotfix.

Still nothing. I’m going to try to uninstall Reactor and start fresh. I’ll install the hotfixes before I create any ReactorSensors.

Not yet, just do a full power cycle of the box.


Are you try local or remote? With remote I have trouble with large® configurations, i.e. multiple triggers. Might be the proxy I am behind.

Cheers Rene

Im seeing the issue with both. Last night I was local but today I’m trying remotely.

I would wait until you can try it locally with the hotfixes in place before you do anything else. If that doesn’t work, I have other steps you can take before you leap down the road of more drastic measures.

One thing you can do immediately when you get local is check to make sure that the hotfixes are properly installed. If you go to the “Tools” tab in any ReactorSensor, you should see in the footer that the version is “3.4hotfix-19332”. If it doesn’t show that, the hotfix isn’t correctly installed for the JavaScript file. Then, look in your LuaUPnP log for the string “Reactor: Plugin version”… that should show version “3.4hotfix-19317”. Anything else means the Lua file is not updated correctly. You can also find the Lua file version by using the “Logic Summary” link in the “Tools” tab (it appears there on the line beginning with “Version:”).

So just as a follow up. Since I hadn’t gotten very far in using Reactor I uninstalled it, rebooted the Vera, reinstalled it and the hotfixes. Definitely seems more stable now and my changes seem to be saving reliably. Thanks for all the troubleshooting help

Great news. Now, as you work, don’t forget that there’s a Backup/Restore feature on the main Reactor device (the one you use to create more ReactorSensors). I run that pretty much every time I finish a unit of work. It can also be handy if you’re about to do an experiment on an existing config: run a backup, have at it, and if it doesn’t work out, just restore what you had.

Looks like I spoke too soon. Going to give it another look when I get home today because I can’t get changes to save again when working remotely. I even verified that the changes are being saved in the json file that I backed up and saved to my desktop. But when I restore from that backup it’s not taking (or at least displaying) everything properly.

OK. Try it from home. Remote has its issues. I may have something for that, but I want to see/hear your results from home first.

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