Changing device Type, reverting/changing automatically back

Hi i am using a Fibaro RGBW controller to take a few switches and sensors from around the place. However when i update the ‘device type’ or ‘category’ or similar it changes back to the old dimmable switch rather than what i just changed it too and makes it a new device ID.

Its really annoying as one channel for example is running a relay for the garage door so if someone holds that switch too long it sets the channel to 11% and won’t trigger the relay.

Maybe try going in to its Settings and setting Auto Configure to NO.

Changed auto config to no, unfortunately same result everything looks good for about 2 minutes and then it goes back and assigns each of the channels a new device number and makes them dimmable again

It’s by design and you won’t be able to change it. That sucks and it’s one of the shortcomings of the current generation fw.

Short coming of vera or the fibaro?

Vera Firmware, of course.

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