Checking parameter

I would like to see what the value of Parameter 12 of my Fibaro Dimmer is. How might I do this?

(It’s the maximum dimmer level control FWIW)



Is there a parameter 12? Where have you found that info ?

In Control - device options, select monitor only

In the manual!


had to think about that!

Cheers, just reloading

Hmm, not sure that had the desired effect. In the Variables I now have

VariableSet 12,m,

And a setting user configuration flag…


thats just the device option setting that a variable is being monitored. If you remove the monitor VariableSet will be blank

Red flags worry me. Also, I still can’t see the actual value?


maybe there isn’t a var 12.
remove the monitor and flag should go

This is a Fibaro Dimmer 1 module right ?

Dimmer 1 does have a Parameter 12


Dimmer 2 does not have a Parameter 12 at all.

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Dimmer 1 user manual

From the Dimmer 2 user manual


So if its a Dimmer 2 module, looks like you want parameter 2

What type of bulbs are you using ?

Cheers. I thought it was a Dimmer 1, although Vera claims it’s a Dimmer 2, just seems unlikely.

I’m using dimmable LED’s. I know they can go brighter but when I swapped out the halogens it started turning them on and off

I’ll try parameter 2


OK that seems to have worked, and it seems I have a lot more brightness to play with :wink:

Current value for parameter 2 appears to be 46…

You likely need the Dimmer 2 Bypass with Led bulbs.

When I swapped some of my halogens to Led I had to fit the bypass device in the ceiling rose.

Or the bulbs would flicker and not turn off.

You also need to re-run the calibration routine after installing a bypass device.

Have the bypass and think I’ve done the calibration.

What makes me curious is that when I swapped them the maximum brightness (before they cut out) was brighter than they are now…

So my logic (right or wrong) is that I should be able to get a higher maximum brightness. The bulbs take it, not sure why the dimmer module wouldn’t…


I don’t have any Dimmer 1 modules.

My Dimmer 2 modules are reported in Vera as device FGD-212.

I believe Dimmer 1 are FGD-211.

You can’t use a Dimmer 2 Bypass device with a Dimmer 1 module either, so you need to know really which module it is.

I was pretty sure I had a FGD-211 but looks like (on the grounds that I have parameter 2 not 12…) I have 212. Going to ramp up the value for 2 and see what happens…


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