Choosing a Migration Path Fom Veralite to Vera Plus

Dear All,

I run for many year on my now old Veralite and I’m glad to say that evertyhing work fine for me.
Now I want to upgrade to vera plus (before Veralite would be dead)

I have arround 15 fibaro devices on it
My first objective is not to loose my zwave network. I think backup on the on the Vera lite and restore it to Vera Plus is enough… I’m true ?

Second is the upograde path
What is the best
Veralite UI5 -> Vera edge Ui7 (backup restore)
Veralite UI5->UI7 -> Vera Edge UI7 (backup restore)

I read lot of topics on that, and some time contributor said that the first assumption is the best, other the second one

Please I need your help and suggestion!


When I updated my Vera 3 from UI5 to UI6, and then UI7, I ended up starting all over from 5 to 6. I seem to remember my 6 to 7 migration worked fine, but I just cannot seem to remember. I seem to remember others having issues going from 5 to 7.

I would suggest getting in touch with support. That’s the safest choice.

Hi Both,

Many thanks for your opinion. As more I read about this migration as much I’m lost!!
I also see that there also Zwave network issue if you migrate from a vera to another one because off different harsdware, or that controller id will change.

I found that it is terrible that there is now simple way to upgrade with out starting from scratch!


Hi there, I highly recommend to ask our Customer Care team what is the best upgrade path tailored for the particularities of your setup. Please make reference to this topic if you contact them.

They can be reached through an email to or by completing this form:

I hope they will answer me.
I open a ticket through my vera 3 days ago, and no answer…

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