Configuration File: reactor-config-backup.json

So, I am trying to fix things quickly by modifying source backup files and restoring. I excluded a device manually accidentally, so updating the device IDs, as per backup, to the new ID - keeping the same altids. Of course, I have some lua comments in the Run code for a few reactor devices. How is the lua code encoded in the reactor-config-backup.json file? Standard base64? Would this be the only file that is of importance when modifying things? Any reason why you didnt want to use the lzo compression method? (On that note, what github source are we using for compressing? I realized that the ‘bfocht-pluto-lzo-423ce6e’ version supports decompression but not compression… so I had to SCP to Vera and use the binary there… ideally, I would like an x86 version so I dont have to setup a cross compiled system to use the Vera binary on.)

It’s base64 encoded, just as Vera scenes do with scene Lua. It is not compressed, and it’s not the intent to compress it.

No intent to compress the actual json files either, right? Just asking since I saw that Vera uses an LZO variant for the files. What source/utility have you used with working with LZO files (both compressing/decompressing) - as I assume you dont just perform this on a Vera instance?

The entire file is compressed (and uncompressed as needed) using the command line pluto-lzo

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