Control thermostat set point with Reactor

I am using Reactor 3.2 on a VeraLite UI7 to turn off the A/C when a door is open for more than 5 minutes.
Now I need to regulate the setpoint of the thermostat. The renters keep cranking the A/C down to 65F.
Do I need to initiate another Reactor sensor to do this or try to incorporate into the existing sensor for the doors?

Your choice. You can put it into a group of its own in the existing ReactorSensor–just make sure that the logic effect of the group doesn’t disrupt that of any parent groups. If you are using exactly the group structure I gave you in the other post, you can safely add a new group to it for the limit control, no problem.

Thanks Patrick,
I chose to create a separate Reactor sensor to simplify troubleshooting. At the moment this sensor is only testing DeviceState -> CurrentSetpoint (TemperatureSetpoint1_Cool) to see if the setpoint is < 70F.
In the Activities tab, whenever the condition is true, then SetCurrentSetpoint to 70.
Did I miss anything?
If there are no problems I will need to expand the sensor to cover max temp for cooling and min/max for heat.
Thanks for your help

Looks good. Just make sure the activity/device action uses the same service (_Cool). They kinda kludged the handling to two-setpoint thermostats, and if you don’t get the services exactly right, it won’t work.

In the conditions tab the Current value is 72 which is what the thermostat is set to.
Going to watch it for awhile to see how it acts. Don’t want a 600 mile round trip today.