Controlers merging scenes and settings

It happened to me twice during last month. I have two controllers, at separate locations.

About a month ago, short time after the last firmware upgrade, one of my z-wave switches stopped working. When I checked what its configuration, I’ve found that It has attached scenes… from another controller. Checking the scenes sections and… yes, some scenes disappeared and were replaced by ones designed at another location and another controller.
Surprised, I’ve restored backup from couple of days before (couldn’t exactly tell at which day it happened, so I decided to try some older backup to be sure it is correct), and everything went back to normal.
Except that today I have the same case - some scenes are missing and are replaced by scenes from second controller.

Anybody has the idea what’s going on?

Do your vera have the “automatically scan network devices” checked by any chance? This is rather weird as it seems your veras are talking to one another somehow.

Do you use the mobile apps? There is a bug in the mobile app that will copy scenes from one controller to another.

There’s a thread on this from a month or two back. The mobile app was identified as the cause; not sure if there was a follow up from Vera.

Yes, I use mobile apps. But never had such issues before. Was the app designed for specific OS?

I believe the problem is with both the iOS and Android apps from Vera. Hopefully, Vera support will chime in on this. I saw this myself a few months back. I don’t know how long it’s been an issue since I only use the app to control my production Vera, not the test unit. I happened to connect to the test unit, and noticed scenes from the production unit as well as the correct scenes.