Controller Down, Controller UP Notifications

From the first installation of my Vera Controller I have received random and occasionally frequent “Controller Down” and “Controller Up” messages. One would think that the Controller Down messages would be followed by Controller Up messages but that is not necessarily the case. Some messages stand alone and sometimes they are in the reverse order. I have opened several tickets over the 2 years I have owned a Vera and customer support never provides a good answer. The responses say “keep checking for new firmware”. There was a 4/25/19 email from CEO Mark Samuel about a firmware upgrade and somewhere (I can’t find it now but it may have been in the changes document when I upgraded the firmware in my unit) I read that the “Controller Down, Controller Up” messages were related to server switching and that the new firmware should have corrected it.

Does anyone else receive frequent (several daily for me) “Controller Down, Controller Up” messages?


This is not a firmware problem. It is a server side issue. The vera issues notification command every time the server changes. There is no way for the vera firmware to know when it gets disconnected if it is because the server side is changing server address or if the server is down. It should be up to the notification server to set a black out delay before issuing these notifications. At least that’s how I would do it. Even better would be to prevent these server changes from happening. I completely eliminated this problem by replacing the mios servers with openluup and disconnected my vera from the internet.

Thanks rafale77. What is involved in replacing the mios servers?

You might want to head towards the openluup section and read up a bit. It involves creating a server of your own. It can be very cheap with a rPi or if you already have a computer running 24/7 at home, it can work too. The outcome though is a much more secure, reliable and faster setup.

I thought this had been fixed in the last firmware (unlike the Geofencing). I’ve certainly not had anything for ages!


Thanks rafale77… I think this is too much for me to handle. Guess I’ll have to put up with the Controller Up, Controller Down messages…

Same here, last time I had a controller up/down message was way back in February and I’m not sure if it was my ISP or not.


I manage a number of systems and I have started updating the firmware. Some of them seem better but some are definitely still giving me these alerts. I agree that the real fix would be to set a blackout timer. I don’t need to know the instant the controller goes down, only if it’s been out for some amount of time

A blackout timer is a great idea… I’m going to give it some more time and see what happens. I will probably end up buying a non-Vera controller…