Controller stolen

If my controller is stolen, how i can view the previews images captured by my cameras?

Hi there, I’m so sorry to hear about this :frowning:

I don’t have a short or quick answer but I hope our Customer Care may be able to help if you log a ticket with them. Use the Need help button up top. They will also be able to ban the controller from the database so whoever has it, won’t be able to use it or have access to your data that is stored on the controller.

I think that was just a precautionary “if” question :joy:


Agreed, I also think it was just a hypothetical question, fortunately :sweat_smile:. Nevertheless, I would be still interested if it was possible to access the data (the images captured by the cameras, etc.) in case my controller would be stolen. It might come in handy for the police…

Yes i think it will be a posibiliy to manage. I want know how we can access to the photos if the controller íts missing or without electrical connection (black out). Thks

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