Controlling Kogan Smarthome Devices with Vera


Apoligies but I couldn’t seem to find any info on this over Google but I’m just wondering if anyone has had an experience with integrating/controlling Kogan SmarterHome products with Vera.
I have a Veraplus device and have been looking at some Kogan products but it would be nice if I didnt have to access a separate app to control them. It looks as though they work through Wi-fi.
Any help appreciated.
Link to Kogan Smarterhome product:


They seems to be tuya based. Maybe you can flash them.

Since alexa is supported, you could use an alexa routine triggered via ifttt webhook. If you have a spare raspberry pi or Linux box around, this could be done with Vera Alexa plugin as well. Or home assistant.

Yes looks Tuya based, Ifttt is out as they no longer support IFTTT. Vera Alexa on openluup, Node-red or Ezlo VOI. All would require another device

They probably still support Tuya. From a Home Assistant thread, it seems they come with a proprietary Tuya server (still supporting Alexa/IFTT) or the generic one, with “normal” Tuya support. Anyway, since these are cloud based, my recommendation is - as always- to flash with a local firmware and gain total control again.

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Their latest app update under what’s new

  • Remove IFTTT integration

But you are definately correct in making everytthing work local.

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Thanks for the feedback guys, should have pointed out I’m very new to this and have limited knowledge on coding etc. Seems like it wouldn’t be a straight forward fix, and was hoping I wouldn’t really need another device to integrate them. Will keep my eye out for other options that may work with Zwave.

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