Controlling temperature with inner & outer temperature sensors & outside temperature predictions


Hello. I am new to this and want to invest in a VeraPlus for my home automation. Further, I have been advised that adding XTension on top of the Vera may help scripting, but I would rather go without the pain of adding complexity to the VeraPlus.

I intend to test-drive my system on a test-case, then expand the system based on results of the test.

Test case: My home’s huge attic heated with three 1500W electric heaters each having a pilot wire for automation (pilot wires don’t change the fundamentals: they provide a relay for on-off, a local temperature indicator and permit other orders which can remain un-used). I would use QUBINO Z-Wave units to command the heaters.

Question: Can I find available for use on the Vera a program or bundle of scripts or plugin for optimizing heating (requiring parameters as appropriate) using all or part of the set of data described below.

Data:: inside and outside temperature, outside temperature forecasts, calendar, in-room and in-house presence and window-open.

My question may be poorly formulated, please don’t hesitate to reformulate. Thanks in advance for any suggestion.


The Vera, as a controller, can meet your needs if you have the proper hardware sending information to the Vera, and using plug-ins for the logic. The Darksky plug-in can give you outdoor temperatures. You can place indoor motion/temperature sensors to provide that data. And window sensors for that data.

Reactor or PLEG can do the scheduling/calendar features based upon the data status and execute the logic to turn on/off the heaters.