Create alexa and google skills

Just found this website to create Alexa and Google home skills, with out coding.

It uses workflows to create skill. It has a free tier

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It’s not difficult to create an alexa skill. You could be do it in one day and cover everything Vera has not covered. But you need the ability to host it (and it will cost money) plus something running inside to receive the commands.

As long as your below the free threshold, it should be free to host with AWS or Heroku. I have my Kodi skill running for 2 years with no charges so far, i call it 3 to 4 times a day and do not even hit 1% of limits

The question that your answer raises is why Ezlo/Vera haven’t fixed thier alexa skill?

because they don’t want to invest in a deprecated platform. by looking at the progress of the firmware, they’re not in maintenance mode and all their resources are pivoted to the new firmware. this makes sense, if only the current firmware was stable and the new one was compatible with the current generation…


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