Current maintainer?

Who’s the current maintainer for this plugin, and where is the “current” repository?

Not sure if anyone is maintaining it. It would be good to the see the plugin code on Github. Would need lolodomo’s permission to do so, as lolodomo wrote the original. The code etc could be more easily maintained in the repository. AltUi and the AltAppStore would then be able to make it available for general distribution. Same could be said for the lolodomo’s DLNA plugin.

Would also like to see the Github repository used for Datamine and the EDS one wire server (as I understand it) written by ChrisJ.

I’m pretty sure there are other old plugins that could make use of this arrangement. Having the plugins fragment over time is not good for Vera.

OK. I reached out.

otherwise you have but you need to accept the fact it uses the cloud and follow the instruction to create a google cloud proxy. this is why I have not put this easily available from the app store as you need a bit to tech knowledge to install.
with that being said , it works fine for me and it supports TTS from ALTUI. my box becames stable again since I dropped using the original sonos plugin

Not surprising. The old Sonos plugin has both a timing issue with respect to polling the device and a dependency on the UPnP Event Proxy app. If you don’t have the latter, the Sonos plugin will, by default, free-run poll/hammer the Sonos controller at machine speed–zero delay polling. No bueno, and unless you have debug on, you don’t even know it’s happening. Not surprising people have stability issues. There is a settable parameter in the plugin to slow the polling down, but you’d have to know to use it, and its resolution is in minutes, not seconds, which isn’t as useful as it could be. But all fixable.

Cloud proxy and requiring ALTUI for TTS are probably barriers for most users, and I think that will leave us with a situation where the older plugin needs to persist, and people will use the one best suited to their needs and skills. I’m not excited about being the maintainer for this plugin–I only have one ancient ZP100 in my network and I have no intention of buying more of their overpriced hardware, so mine is a poor test case–I’m hoping it can become a community project, if @lolodomo agrees to let it go, with a handful of core people to carry it together.

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