Custom app failed after Google Home was activated an all Veras

We have deployed hundreds of Vera Edge with the latest firmware version 1.7.4452. We have this custom app that sends sensors data to our cloud platform which stopped working - error: “Lua startup failed”.

We concluded that the new Google Home app is causing this issue. We are now trying different things to disable this app. Any idea how can we achieve this?

PS: The solution to downgrade to 1.7.4000 works, but it takes a lot of time to do it for hundreds of devices.

What I’ve tried so far:

  • deleted the following files


  • Uninstalled Google Home from My Apps

After a reboot, the files and the app is automatically restored.

Trying now to find and disable the service responsible for restore of files and apps.

You did not need to look very far.


Does this happen with EVERY restart on every device, or just sporadically?

this plugin was introduced in firmware 7.29 and it’s auto-installing. the fact that it’s installing this week, it’s because they finally released it. but if you look at logs, you will find that it’s trying to autoinstall this plug-in since months.
There’s a suggestion in the thread linked by rafale77 to disable it, and a promise to have a sort of blocking in the upcoming 7.30 fw. we’ll see.

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