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Thinking of buying a Dahua IP PoE cam. How can I find a rialiable approved supplier. I’m the UK. I’ve been on the Dahua website but there’s no list of approved distributors. I don’t want to end up with a grey or black market version by mistake.

Many thanks

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Look on aliexpress for a “EU” or “Worldwide” version.

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Does that mean it won’t be a grey market version and that I will get firmware updates?

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Thats mostly mentioned in the offer yes then.

Just an example:
English original upgradable

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I’ve not used AliExpress before. Where does it say it’s a UK original. I couldn’t see it in the and.

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It doesn’t say that. But since it’s a factor of the UK price pick your cherries… good luck with choosing!

At the moment I would stay away from Dahua. I do like the cameras, butI have 3 of them and 2 were working until I did an update. Now none work. I called Vera and they tried without success to get them installed. Based on posts here, what Vera tried didn’t make sense to me.
Good luck!

Hi, I’m also considering buying IP PoE cam. Have you bought it in the end? Thanks in advance.

Yes. Very pleased with it.

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