Data yours stops gathering


My datayours (or at least the graphing) stopped updating a couple of days back. Where do I go to start troubleshooting?



The first stop for diagnostics is the device control page where you should find links to the configuration and status of DataWatcher, DataCache, and DataGraph.

DataWatcher should tell you in the tally table how many new data values it has seen, whereas DataCache will tell you how many it has received and stored.

Beyond that, I’d need to more more about your configuration… is this Vera or openLuup, are you using AltUI, if so, are you using the Data Storage Provder push functionality there, …

Anything of interest in the log?

It’s vera plus, standard UI

only thing I have on the control page is;

Graph Cache Dash Watch

6 metrics

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Which seems wrong…

Only thing I can see in the logs is the memory usage?

Any help?



What version are you running of DataYours?

Current Version:


Latest Version


I shall update it

No difference…

Fixed on reboot




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