Dead VeraLite! Power Supply?

Veralite at my rental not responding. It is in another state:( I am having somebody go in to restart it, but I would like to send them a replacement battery supply in case that is it. A 12v 1.5a shoaled work but I don’t know the plug size. Can anybody help?

I am not sure how to measure the plug size, but it was bigger than I thought it would be. has a black tip which I believe denotes something. Maybe just a little more in diameter than 3/16ths. PM me an email address and I can send pics.

I have a Lite. Definitely IEC 60130-10 type A, 5.5mm outer diameter. The inner diameter is harder to be sure of–takes a bit of sleuthing, as there are two common sizes (2.1mm and 2.5mm). I have good calipers but they’re not perfect at measuring such a small inside diameter, but several careful attempts all come in around 2.1mm. The pin to which it mates on the Lite is just barely 2mm, which would be right for mating. My final attempt at confirmation: a 2.4mm drill bit shank does not fit in the plug.

So: 5.5mm x 2.1mm on my Vera Lite, five nines confidence (I’m 99.999% sure).

Edit: Your voltage and current match mine; center positive (ring negative).

Thanks! I just ordered based on your measurements. Hopefully this is the solution. Not sure why I didn’t already replace the PS with a more robust product.