Delaylight Reactor video # 006

My English is not that good, but I am trying to write it down!

@rigpapa: I enjoy using REACTOR. To learn it, I also use the videos on YouTube. Video #006 I want to make it by myself so I make a screenshot, but I do not understand the following points:

  • Device [Delaylight SIM RS (# 71)] uses the variable “startstate”. I cannot find this on my device in the conditions tab. What kind of device is this?
  • The group Delay Off Man uses “(match case) for at least 30 secs”. I also cannot find this option in the reactor.

Perhaps you can explain step by step how this reactor is structured.

I am using Reactor V3.5

Creating the variable is here in the video:

The “for at least” is a condition option. An example of accessing the condition options is shown here:

Also documented here:

thanks for the reply. when i have time i will try

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