Deleting "Notify" step from existing Scene

I have a Scene that sends me a text notification whenever someone keys in a specific PIN code on my Schlage lock.

Problem is, I no longer want those notifications, yet Vera won’t allow me to remove that action from the Scene.

I’ve tried editing the Scene by drilling down to the “When the scene runs…” “Notify these users…” section and toggling the entry to “OFF” (i.e. disabling it), then clicking “Done.” And of course, “Finish” to finalize the edit.

Yet this setting keeps returning itself to “ON”. Is there any recourse aside from deleting and re-creating the Scene??


P.S. Could not find this topic anywhere on the Forum, so started this new topic. If there’s an existing thread, please link me to it and I’ll gladly remove this one.

If you have ALTUI, you will find that the notifications are actually hidden scenes. ALTUI will enable you to delete them. Go under the Table Scene menu.