"Device Name" is Off Line

I have posted on this subject before and i want to revisit it. I have a Vera Plus at my In-Laws House and i have a Vera Secure at my Condo in Mexico.

From day one, the Vera Plus would lose connection to devices, I added repeaters and it got better but it did not solve it. The device that loses connection the most is a ceiling mounted motion sensor (i have a repeater right below it).

Now my Vera Secure is acting up. I added the water sensors and they also lose connection. I have 8 and they randonly lose connection and reconnect.

Someone else most have a similair issue.

Is there a fix? Or is the fix moving over to the Ring Secuirty System?

Are your devices z wave? Some more information like the device model numbers etc. would be helpful

Hi Dennis,

It’s hard for everyone to say what might be the issue there without a look on your setup.

Would you please log a ticket with our support team and also make a reference to this topic? Thanks


The vera secure has the Centralite 3-Series Water Sensors that are going offline. Not sure if this helps. The Vera Plus has a ceiling mounted motion and I don’t know how to poll the vera to tell me the make of it based on the ID Number.

Bumping this to the top.

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