Device not recognized after firmware update

Vera 3 upgraded to latest firmware. Now two identical exterior z-wave modules are acting up. One cannot be connected to whatsoever and the other device returns device error but appears to be responding to commands. Would like to exclude both devices and reintroduce them to network to see if this fixes the problem. How should I go about doing this? Do I “delete” the devices and then add them back?
Thanks in advance

Some thoughts:

  1. Under “Advanced–Commands,” do “Configure node right now.” This may fix your problem.
  2. If this doesn’t help, under “Advanced–Commands,” do “Replace Failed.” This will allow you to replace the device without losing the device ID,in order that your existing scenes will still work.
  3. If that doesn’t work, then excluding and re-including the device may be your only option.

Thanks for reply. On a side note can I incude/exclude a device via iPhone app or do I have to bring the controller physically near the devices and use the buttons? I have a Vera 3 and I cannot seem to find the battery dongle that allowed for the controller to brought around the house to the various devices. Looking for a workaround. Thanks again!!!

Try the exclusion with the device in place. If if works, great. If not, we’ll figure out the next step.