Device settings aren't retained when configuring House Modes


Vera 3, latest UI7. I have a handful of devices, both physical and virtual, that I’m trying to set up using House Modes (H, A, N, V). When I go to the Modes screen and select whether each device should be on or off, which sensors should be armed, the browser screen responds accordingly. But when I click “Back” and then return to the screen, none of the devices I changed keep the settings.

Most annoyingly are that the thermostat settings vanish, because it takes so many clicks to configure.

I’ve rebooted the controller, and it behaves the same. Any ideas?


Try doing a hard-refresh on your browser after exiting the My Modes page. Sometimes the browser displays cached data and the UI then displays confusing results.


I did find that to work, thanks.

What worries me is that the only reason I had to update them is that I had successfully set them once a few weeks ago, and they changed on their own since then. I wish I had an explanation for that.


It is often the case that when the system does something odd or otherwise inexplicable, a hard-refresh of the browser takes care of it. I think people actually don’t do this enough. I recommend doing it whenever you make any big configuration changes (including installing or removing plugins, adding/deleting devices, changing device names or room assignments, etc.).

Mystery settings changes… I’ve had that happen, but not for a long while.

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The very concept is insane, though!