Devices randomly turn themselves on/off

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I have a switched GE/Jasco ZWave outlet that is randomly turning itself off and on. I am using it in a scene but only to turn it off X hours after i manually turn it on. I use it for an ice melt wire. This morning i got an alert that it was on, checked it an it was indeed on. 2 minutes later it turned itself off. I use the android app mainly, device reporting seems to be flaky on that, says devices are not reporting. Close/open the app and they are fine. But this was checked on web interface.
Having a device turn itself on is going to waste my electricity for no good reason. This worked as expected in the previous released firmware.

(Browser, Operating System, Firmware version, Platform)
7.31 Firmware

By chance did you notice a reload just prior to that? this happens to me all the time.

For that reason I use PLEG, and some other use Reactor. I have not used scenes in many years.

Hi there, this can’t be a bug but an issue somewhere with your specific setup.

Please log a ticket with out Customer Care team so they can look this up.

Hit the Need Help button up top. Thanks.

I have changed nothing in my setup in a long time. Only updated code. Everything worked fine in old setup. I would call this a code bug. Either in the code itself or the update process.

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