Disable "Camera Sent Image" alert in Vera for scheduled snapshots

Working with a wide range of Foscams attached to the VeraPlus, some of them are set to take an image every 2 hours within Vera device settings. This is great for keeping a time-based watch on any given room/location (in our case, it’s just for timelapse PR stuff to see what’s goes down in the rooms).

However, Vera reports an alert every time an image is taken by a camera (see attached image below). This is overkill since you already know it is taking an image every 2 hours, thus you don’t need to know every single time it does unless an alert is needed if something prevents the camera from taking its scheduled image.

When this happens, the main dashboard is filled with notifications making it appear as though something is wrong. This could cause the cry-wolf theory to occur where you would stop checking the alerts as you would assume they are all related to the cameras on the network and nothing important–when really, there could be an important alert mixed within everything else you might not notice.

We couldn’t find any way of disabling this notification.

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This annoyes me too. And additionally, if you delete the notification the image is also removed which at least I didn’t expect. I have a Vistacam 1000.

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