Disable infinite scroll


There are several topics that are simply too large and too difficult to navigate with infinite scroll. Please give an option to disable that and return to paged navigation.



Yes, I agree!



If you’re in a topic, there’s a timeline tool in the right margin. If you click on the date/time at the bottom of that timeline, it runs straight to the last reply.



And it has to load the entire thread to memory for that scroll to work. That doesn’t work well for everyone, especially on older devices or on slower connections. The forums should be as accessible as possible.



Once you read through that long list of posts, when you revisit it, the system takes you to the unread posts.



Having seen threads hundreds of posts long on every forum that is worth visiting, being able to jump to page 50 of 60 and skipping the first couple of hundred will be necessary.



Hi everyone. Disabling infinite scroll is not possible I’m afraid.

One additional way of managing the scroll in addition to ones already mentioned is to click/tap on the number of replies in the topics list.

And will bring this up, which will give the option to jump at the begging or the end of the discussion.

Indeed, once a topic is fully read, it will always send you to the last new reply, the next time you visit. Otherwise, it will send you to the place you’ve left the conversation.

Also, using the search function :mag_right: when in a certain topic, will search by default in that topic, if you are looking for anything particular.

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