Does anyone have a GE/Jasco 14285 High 40Amp switch reporting energy (Watts KWH etc.)?

I have several of these unites switching Geo-Thermal pumps, Well Pumps, Water heaters etc. I just recently started graphing energy usage and can’t seem to pull any energy information from them. There was a thread answered in Amazon by Jasco that said that it reports Watts.

In their manual there isn’t any mention of any bit options that need to be set.

Any input greatly appreciated.


It probably does report energy usage. You can confirm that by looking at the device variables and the value in Capabilities. The numbers following the | are command classes. Search online for this document SDS13548. It’s a spreadsheet of all of the zwave command classes.
If Vera doesn’t ask the device for energy usage (even though by knowing the capabilities it should know that energy data is reported) I don’t know how to get it to do that.

Thank you for the response, I’ll look into the variables - it almost sounds like the vera doesn’t know it’s capabilities. This is a good starting point. Thanks again. -bh

I added one of these devices to control my hot tub outside. Both the web interface and the iPhone app reports the watt usage - so, it is quite easy to tell if the circulation pump is on, the main pump, heater, etc. just by usage. In terms of being able to auto graph this or perform usage trending… that is a whole different question. Make sure you are using the newest version of the firmware for Vera Plus, as the previous firmware had a bug with reporting wattage usage. Hope this helps.

I recently (yesterday) added a GE/Jasco 14285 switch, as well. Does anyone have guidance on how to get the energy kWhrs in the Vera Plus? Mine also shows the real time power usage, but how can I determine the energy over time?

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