Double tap switch for scene control

I just moved, and I’m setting up a new house with Z-wave dimmers and switches. In some areas, it would be very helpful to have switches control scenes as a secondary action. For example, I the button for the porch light could turn on and off the light with a single tap, but if I double tapped all my outdoor lights would turn on or off.

I could only find old posts on this topic, and none of them mentions whether vera supports this natively or not. What switches dimmers do support this feature, if any? How are these added to vera? Do I need to write luup code to check status? Is the update instant, or do I have to wait for the next pull?

A lot of posts refer to the instant status patent. Now that has expired, has anything changed?

The Homeseer switch does exactly what you want: sends a scene with a double, triple, or long tap, and distinguishes between top and bottom.

But I’m not sure about current Vera support. Wasn’t supported in the past, but maybe now they are catching up on this one? Or maybe you could write some lua code to do what you want with them. Does anyone have any current information on them?

The Remotec Scene Master ZRC-90 does what you’re describing, natively in Vera. It is an 8 button panel about the size of a light switch with 3 (usable) options per button - single press, double press and long press.

Cooper and Leviton switches will work.
I don’t think the Homeseers are working with Vera yet to support double tap.
GE switches may work of they are close to the Vera (within radio distance with no hops)

I have 11 GE dimmers and would love to set this up. I looked at another post talking about this subject but I dont really know where to start. Any help for a newbie would be much appreciated.

GoControl WD500Z5 supports central scenes and instant status on Vera.
It is officially supported in the next UI7 firmware release.

GE does not support central scenes.

Vera does not officially support HomeSeer HS-WD100+. I don’t know if there is a work-around for this dimmer on Vera.

Strangely, Vera has not announced support for the new GoControl “3-way” WT00Z5. Vera tech support is able to provide partial functionality for this device today. This device does not support central scenes.

Central scenes can also be set to directly control house modes. So home/away can be set at the switch next to an exit. I have not tested this function on Vera.

Any update on this? Is there a way to use multi-tap features in the HomeSeer switches? The central scene class has been out for about 3 years now!

The devices that are using the Central Scene CC will require a special implementation on Vera.
We do have in plan to add support for this device as well.

Any updates on this? Eager to get double-tap working with WD200 switches. Thanks!

Any update on this…8 months later x2…

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