Downgrade firmware vera plus

Can anyone tell me what version firmware is safe to downgrade to on a vera plus from 1.7.4453 ?

I haven’t used the device for over a year because I didn’t need it, so just unplugged it when it stopped working. But now I need it and it no longer recognises my yale door

Need help with the same. Help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Shane.

After some investigation I suspected that it was the z-wave module in the door that was the problem. In my case I had the green z-wave 1 module. I bought the blue z-wave plus module from amazon and its all now back up and running on the latest firmware. I am using the keyless connected smart lock.

After some prompting customer services sent me the url to the firmware link also. Suggest you ask them directly via the customer services link in the controller if your issue is not related to a yale lock

Thanks for the reply and help. Did the same.

Thanks and Regards,

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