Dragon Tech Dimmer and Switches

[quote=“WhyMe, post:20, topic:192532”]Thanks for all the info. You are right with all the promotions, there is not much difference in the price of the dimmer/switch. However, there it of difference on the price of Aux switch.

Also, I’m not sure how you could update the firmware if you are not running HS.[/quote]

HS has free 30 day trial, and Amazon has a great return policy on usb z-wave sticks (35.00) if you don’t have one. but yeah it’s not going to be worth it for this project nor does anyone even know if it would even work. AUX switch probley cheap enough for someone to buy and test out one of them. I would assume they would work, but you never know with the firmware changes if something is blocked out or broken now.

Honestly a call to homeseer and telling them you have homeseer, and a set of dragon switches you already had before they just released their switches and you would like to update your dragon switch to have double and triple tap feature, would you also have to update your AUX switches too or what would happen? They would probley give you an honest answer to the not so honest question. You might even ask them about updating switch firmware at that point instead replacing completely and see what they say. Dragon switches been out for some time now and homeseer switches only 2 months or less. It’s very possible you have homeseer and dragons in your current setup now. ;D

New link has surfaced on other forums for Dragon Firmware updates from the user “Mitch”


It’s been said (but I don’t have dragon switches) that this firmware offers the same capabilities as the HomeSeer switch version. I do know it is the same firmware version numbers and others say the firmware has double tap and triple tap options after the update. This was posted by some Homeseer users that had Dragons installed.

While on other controllers it’s easy to update (OTA firmware update) firmware, most vera users are probley going to get stuck at that point.

If anyone with dragons wants to test let us know the outcome. I have attached the files from the forum or link I posted first.

None of this is my work or find!

Any chance Vera has an update that will enable the update functionality? Could a plugin be written?

I just posted a new plugin with improved support for HomeSeer switches and dimmers. I’m not sure whether or not the DragonTech products will be recognized by my plugin. Please check out:

New scene controller plugin

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