Dreamscreen integration

Dreamscreen are led’s connected to the rear border of your tv and provide real-time light projection to add atmosphere to movies, video and music also. These units work great and I enjoy my movies even more with it enabled, now looking to automate the on/off and basic functionality of this device. The dreamscreen for show that this have already been done for homeassistant and curious if someone is willing to possibly look into and app for Vera

Not sure if you can run python on Vera natively…
Dreamscreen product

There are some uncertainties regarding the future for DreamScreen, it looks like the founders are leaving the company.

I really hope the company can be saved since their product is cool even if it needs a bit more work to fix some problems with the 4K version.

I have the 4K version and I do not see any issues with it or the control software but it did take some time to understand the best setting/configuration for my setup to get it to run 100%smooth every time.

@PrincessCleavage, I ran my DreamScreen through a USB charger connected to the USB input and then turned on USB power detect under advanced settings and plugged that into a z wave power strip. The only complaint I had was it took about 30 seconds for it to sense and turn off the LED’s. I have since wired an external 5v 30 amp power supply and power this as I did the USB power adapter, but this is instant off and on.

My setup is a little more advanced taking advantage of Emby server (home media management) Vera > emby (Vera plugin) plugin and emby > Vera plugin (emby plugin) and I would like to enable the led’s (dreamscreen) only when playing movies (possible with help of emby >Vera to trigger script or switch which would execute automation action ), I really don’t want this running when watching live tv or kids shows etc. Hence why I have raised this thread hoping to gain some interest. Hope this makes sense

@PrincessCleavage, absolutely makes sense. I still like the color and how the Ambilight works when running on OpenELEC. The RGB plugin is supposed to work with that but I couldn’t get it to connect to the server. It crash d on me and that’s why I picked up the DreamScreen. I like it but light colors are harder to get right on the ws2812b that the ws2801 LEDs. Either way I hope it get integrated into Vera.

Is it possible to convert the Python script (link in the first post) developed for Home Assistant Hub to Vera Hub native code or run python natively on the Vera perhaps ?Home-Assistant-DreamScreen-Service-master.zip (5.5 KB)

Some additional information on Dreamscreen commands
DreamScreen V2 WiFi UDP Protocol Rev 4.pdf (199.4 KB)