Good evening ladies and gents,

I?m wondering if there is any option to use a DSC TL260R to allow a VERA controller (I don?t have one yet) and a PowerSeries 1832 to communicate?

I already have a monitored DSC system which I am considering canceling to just self monitor. I also have a TL260R kicking around, so rather than purchasing an EnvisaLink I would love to be able to use what I already have.

I have searched the forums and I fear the lack of mention of the TL260R probably is a sign that it won?t work.

Thanks in advance!

Just bumping the post. The reason I?m so curious is because I have a TL260R and was hoping to avoid buying anything I don?t need to.

Thanks again!

If there is no add on in the App store then there is very little chance it will work.

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