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I wanted to put this bit of information out if anyone wanted to use the DCS plugin AND the android app DscServer. So unless things have changed the Envisalink board only allows one local connection at at time - which is fine if the only IP device is the DCS plugin. But in my case I have been using this android client/server for at least 2 years and don’t want to change - the programmer has done a great job of integrating with the panel and he responds to my questions in less than a day. So the DcsServer I have installed on a $30 Walmart Android with a cheap T-Mobile plan of a few dollars a month (all I need is a few SMS messages sent to my personal cell phone in case the panel goes into alarm). The DscServer app connects TO the Envisalink board. The DscServer program will “proxy” any other clients that needs to connect to the panel (in my case the DSC Vera plugin). The DSC android client runs on my cell phone - and I use a “always up” VPN client to stay connected to my internal network (and the DscServer). So far it looks like everything is working - I see all of my zones - when they change status (i.e. open door) it shows up in Vera very quickly (in fact I have Home Assistant talking to Vera’s API and it updates its status in less than 2 seconds. I’ve read somewhere that HA DCS plugin does not play well going thru the DscServer proxy - at least that was one persons experience - I never tried to verify it.

Granted it looks like I could do everything thru Vera - but for now I’m sticking with DscServer app since it has been rock solid since I started using it - and the programmer - Mike - always has time for a stupid question…

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