Dual Switch for Fan and Light

Hello all, I am new to the group and just got my vera plus yesterday and got it all setup with what I have in my home presently. Overall, it was pretty easy. I am now looking to replace some of my switches in my home to z-wave switches and wanted to see if anyone has found what appears to be a white whale.

I am looking for a dual on/off switch that turns on and off a light and on and off a fan. I have seen dual switches but all that I have seen are stacked. Since they are currently side by side, I need the new switch to be side by side. I am assuming I could buy 2 singles and then have single covering plates but I don’t think that would look great. But, if I can be pointed to single switches (with motion preferably) as long as I can find a dual cover plate that fits over both switches.

any thoughts?


I have recently converted two rooms and have ordered the materials to convert a third.
The good news is I am very happy with the control the bad news is I have done it with WiFi switches rather than zwave.
Forthe fan control I have used Lutron Caseta Wireless Smart Fan Speed Control, Single-Pole, PD-FSQN-WH with the Caseta hub.
On the first room I used the Caseta light switch but it needed special bulbs as it is a two wire switch. For the second and third rooms I am using the meross Smart WiFi Dimmer Light Switch.
We get voice control of both the fans and lights using Google Home, local control at the switches and if you use Caseta a simple remote for either fan or lights.
I know you are a new Vera user and this solution does not use Vera but I wanted voice control and didn’t want to wait any longer for Vera to get Google Home.