Dying Dimmers

Hi, I just wanted some opinions on what dimmers you are using and how many you have had fail. In Australia we can use the Quibino, Aeotec and Fibaro. I have been using the qubino for a couple of years in 4 different houses and every house has had at least 1 dimmer fail in some cases multiple dimmers.

I am told from my supplier that fibaro and aeotec are worse! just want to hear your experience as i am about to move away from Zwave all together.

I use Fibaro, and haven’t had a problem. However, more recently I’ve been adding ZigBee dimmers (Philips Hue and third-party) which, so far, I’m very happy with.

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Mostly Fibaro here (Belgium), some installed outside in the garden in a weather-protecting enclosure. No issue. Only LED lights here (dimmable) where applicable. Can’t recall every had any real broken Fibaro device for many years (I use wall-outlet plug and the modules, RGBW-controller etc)

We do have a solid/stable power-grid over here, don’t know if you live also in a city or more rural or something.

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Here in the US, I have been using GE/Jasco dimmers for a couple of years with no problems. I did have a GE switch go bad after 3 years. Z-wave still worked, but the contactor would not close the circuit to energize the luminaire. I have it on a shelf to be dissected to see if it is a simple fix - that was 6 months ago with no free time in the near future predicted :sleepy:

Simple and easy to use with Vera-Homeseer and most other HAC’s
Ping me an email and I can send you one to test.

I had 2 GE/jasco on off switched the blew capacitors but its a bitch to replace … how u know capacitors blew, the light at the bottom flickering an it failed to respond

I will have a think about it. I think i am going to try and get away from the DIY gear for my installs. What warranty do you offer and what is your return rate?

I have Aeotec smart dimmer 6 for over 12months with no issues (Australia)

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Never had a dimmer return.
PM sent.

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I’ve used to use Aeotec but had a couple of unexplained failures. So I changed to Fibaro a couple of years ago and have never had a problem with those. Here in New Zealand we have very limited choice because not many support the different frequency.


Thanks. I am looking at all my options.

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