Ecobee Plugin for UI7 - No PIN generated when press "Get PIN"


Just installed Ecobee Plugin 1.9 on my VeraLite with firmware 1.7.1040.

Pressing “Get PIN” is not generating any PIN.

Any tips for me?

Thank You

@rafale77: You seen to have a lots of knowledge with Ecobee and Vera. Would you have any tips for me? Does I need to manually fill some variables before to press “Get PIN”?

Thank You

Hi @gaudreaulp,
I have maintained this plugin for some time and made the changes to make it work on UI7. I have since abandoned all cloud based devices and that includes the ecobee and have not touched or used the plugin for some time. I wouldn’t know why it is not generating a pin. Are you sure your login information is setup correctly per the original documentation of the plugin? (need username and password) Did you also setup a developer account with ecobee?

Thanks for your reply!

I dont see any section for username and password in the plugin device. Do I also need to enter IP and MAC Address?

How do i setup a developer account with ecobee. I have the regular account that I created when I first sign in. I see "My app’’ section and just need a pin!

Thanks for your help and soory to bother you with this

I’m not familiar with this plugin, but it’s possible that the username/password required are either device variables or device attributes. Perhaps the documentation would tell you. Either way it’s easy to create them within openLuup. If variables, you would need to know the relevant serviceId.

There should be a device attribute called ‘ip’ for which you can enter the necessary value. The MAC address should not be required.

Thanks to @rafale77 for the ‘heads up’ pointing out your request on this thread.


Thank you @rafale77 and @akbooer for your help. I realized that it’s way more complicated that I though. I am not a coder and I im a little loss in the OpenLuup things. I might be willing to learn more about it but it will take me times.

Do I understand correctly that the plugin V2.11 need to be create with OpenLuup software on a computer or Rasberry Pi and will need to run on it, not directly in a VeraLite box?

There is no way to make work V2.11 on the VeraLite itself?

Thank You

euh no… I forwarded you to the openluup section because that’s where I started the mods to make the plugin but I ended up making it work for the vera as well. The instructions are all on GitHub and it might might have been less confusing if I linked you there.

You can otherwise skip the openluup specific parts. The purpose was to show you how to get the ecobee API working with your account.

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